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Titans on Netflix : what is already known about the season 2

Kate Beckinsale (“Underworld”) will be in march, the headliner of his own series on the service Prime Video Amazon. In “The Widow”, the heroine will embark on a frenzied race in search of truth in a region of the most dangerous. A true warrior in the franchise Underworld for a few years already, Kate Beckinsale will soon have its own series. The ex-singer of the vampire Selene will be the heroine of The Widow, released very soon in the uk and Ireland on ITV. The entire season 1 (8 episodes) will also be available live from the 1st of march, in France and in many countries, on the service Prime Video Amazon. This thriller ripping we will plunge into the eventful life of Georgia Wells. Since the death of her husband Will (Matthew The Nevez), three years earlier, in a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the young woman lives as a recluse in the welsh countryside, away from civilization. The day where Georgia discovers her husband in the background of a report on the Congo, while rocking. The widow embarks on a wild and dangerous adventure in search of truth. Upset but determined, she returns to the scene of the incident, in the hope of being reunited Will always be in life. His research will bring him to criss-cross the country. Will she be able to reconstruct the puzzle surrounding the disappearance of his beloved ? His task looks even more complicated than the region of the Congo, where his trail leads, is most unstable… Signed by the brothers Harry and Jack Williams, to which we must of success as a Liar, and The Missing, The Widow shows a casting rather enticing. Alongside Kate Beckinsale, the fans of Game of Thrones will recognize Charles Dance, the patriarch of the Lannister of the saga of George R. R. Martin. In the skin of a partner of the deceased, the more notalgiques of Doctor Who will appreciate to find the ex-girlfriend of the Doctor, Alex Kingston. Jacky Ido, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Louise Brealey or Babs Olusanmokun complement finally, the distribution of this series Bonus Original.

Shazam! Shazam streamcomplet

Introduced this week, Edgar Evernever, the charismatic guru of the Farm portrayed by Chad Michael Murray, should be at the center of the next episode of season 3 of “Riverdale” and here are the first images. After a musical episode that has not necessarily kept all its promises, the season 3 of Riverdale will continue as soon as Thursday, march 28 on Netflix in France, with its seventeenth episode, titled “The Master”, which should, judging by its title, make the beautiful part to the character of Edgar Evernever, the guru of the Farm portrayed by Chad Michael Murray, who made his first appearance this week. In fact, while everything seems to indicate that Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) is ready to fall into the clutches of the sect and its leader, charismatic and sexy, while this is obviously part of a ploy developed by the red-haired arsonist, and his cousin Betty (Lili Reinhart) to infiltrate the Farm. Archie (K. J. Apa), for its part, found an old acquaintance and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) must confront his mother in an attempt to put an end once and for all to the drug trafficking gangrene Riverdale…

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Vikings : this other actor of the series has failed to embody Ragnar
The Walking Dead : what became of the survivors of the original group from season 1 ?

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Descendants 3 : the ugly offspring of Disney are back in first teaser
Top Festival 2 Cinéma de Valenciennes 2019 : Boy Erased the sacred

On the occasion of the 500th episode of the emblematic series, aired tonight on TMC, the merry band came to”Helen and the Boys” comments on the evolution of his loves, his long journey and the loyalty of its fans… “you can Imagine the difficulty of renewing itself after 25 years ? For a moment it must be that it slips otherwise it becomes boredom !” On the occasion of the 500th episode of the Mysteries of love, we met the indefatigable and merry band of Helen and the Boys. Replica landmark, plot the most crazy, return desired : for AlloCiné they have made the balance sheet of 25 years of love is astounding, varied and continually modernize… The replica that has the most marked Hélène Rollès (Hélène) : “Oh for me, no doubt, the famous : “And where are the boys?” Patrick Puydebat (Nicolas) : When I had to say to Philippe Vasseur (José) : “Kiss me”! It was hard work ! Sebastien Roch (Christian) : My reply cult, it would be “Don’t call me that anymore Cricri love!” More seriously, I have repeated throughout these years something like : “where are the others?” Laly Meignan (Laly) : “Sextape !” Serge Gisquière (Peter) : Yes ! Sextape ! A reply that it was improvised ! During a scene where a physical approximation is achieved between the two of us, you are looking for your phone. And then I tell her “Sextape”? She answers me “But noooo!” Laly Meignan : It went very well, so we kept her! The plot the more crazy you’ve had to play Patrick Puydebat : Linked to the replica landmark, the episode where José and I were a couple, on the occasion of a dream of Bénédicte, his companion. Very hard to turn, very funny, but difficult ! Philippe Vasseur : It was years that we wanted to nab, we had the opportunity ! Patrick Puydebat : please be Aware that this is a very good actor, he is very enthusiastic and it was so complicated ! Serge Gisquière : My character has had a few relapses since I got back in the series, including one where I fell back into the teens. Before becoming a tramp ! So I was a teenager of 15 years old, I took Helen to my mother, I was used to crises. This has been the occasion of many laughs because I was really unsustainable. I had also found a sex drive of a teenager, I was running after everything that moved, it was super funny to play. I played the amnesia, the death, the teenager and then recently the object of the lusts of Laly ! Laly Meignan : I had a lot of intrigue weird especially around the intimate life that Laly has had with John (Richard Pigois) and that led me to play scenes that I would not have encountered in my intimate life. Some scenes were very difficult to move without falling in the vulgar and his humor and intelligence were a great help. We improvised a lot ! Laure Guibert (Benedict) : With Laly, when we crash the plane into the jungle in Martinique. It was fantastic because wacky. It was a crash but on the ground, which was difficult to play seriously. I also nearly drowned myself in diving once. Otherwise, the recovery of the Mysteries of Love, when I had to play a cougar. I’ve had two partners with which it went very well. But at one point I found myself in a bed with one of the two who was 23 years old. I had the impression that it was the age of my son, it made me weird, it wasn’t very natural to me even if we had a good laugh ! The plot in 25 years and you still haven’t played and would like to play Sebastien Roch : That my character living a story in the sun. It would give me a good ! Patrick Puydebat : to Be a professor of the snowboard to turn in the snow ! Something fun where you feel a little less old. Hélène Rollès : I have no hope of changing crazy for this dear Helen Girard. Laure Guibert : I’ve always wanted to draw my character into something more wacky. Letting go. It is serious, reasonable, I’d like to see a little more crazy. An old character that you hope to return Philippe Vasseur, Hélène Rollès, Patrick Puydebat : We would like to see Rochelle Redfield (Johanna) come back more often, but she lives in New York, this is not obvious ! Serge Gisquière : Eve Peyrieux who played my sister Eve. It was elusive, light, wheeled. Laure Guibert : Manuela it is very important already. Annette Schreiber (Cynthia) missing me. Otherwise a character will soon be joining me, but I wouldn’t say that, you’ll learn very quickly ! Interview by Laetitia Ratane. Frame and mounting : Constance Mathews.

MyCanal launches Ciné+ Valentine’s and Ciné+ 80’s on its digital platform
The Pier : we saw the pilot of the new series of the creators of The Casa de Papel

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Leïla comes to the aid of Corkas, in high school Sandrine and Morgane are in the face of the intolerance of the parents of the students. Pauline, meanwhile, continues to play with Flora. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Friday, march 15, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Leïla comes to the aid of Corkas Leïla, called by Bilel, also seems to be heading toward the assumption of an appendicitis. The Corkas do not have the choice, they will have to bring Jules to the emergency room as quickly as possible, otherwise it might be peritonitis. Knowing that her husband risk much bigger than her if he gets caught by the police, Virginia decides to accompany Jules to the hospital of Sète, where Leïla waiting for them. Once you have arrived with false papers and a false social security card, Jules is reviewed by Marianne that confirms the diagnosis of appendicitis at a very advanced stage. She was surprised to see that Jules has taken so long but the teen admits that he has lied to his parents, and therefore minimized its pain, these last few days in order not to hurt their “family trip” to come. There is in any case no time to waste and Jules is led by Leïla to the block. In parallel, Bilel is trying to persuade Corkas to make for the good of his family, but the fugitive refuses. It ensures only think of his son and do all that to offer him a dream life. And the only way to achieve this is to shine a conveyor belt, as expected. Lucy, meanwhile, continues to oppose Martin on this case. Informed by Leïla of the presence of Virginia, and Jules at the hospital, she thinks that they should stop without delay. But Martin refuses, he wants to stick to the plan. And so what if Lucy thinks that he is ready to risk the lives of Bilel for his photo in the newspaper and a special thank you to the prefect. But what they don’t know is that the future of Bilel could quickly darken. In fact, Jules, just woke up after his operation, has heard Laila talk about Bilel and the plan of the police to Samuel. He was quick to reveal to his mother that Bilel is a mole, and the latter, in a panic, called Corkas and announces to him that they have a big problem. Sandrine and Morgane are in the face of the intolerance of parents of students Sandrine, on his side, learns by Christelle Moreno that a petition has been launched by several parents of students in order to obtain the return of Morgana. The parents in question do not support their children to be cared for by a nurse who is transgender. Sandrine is obviously outraged by this petition and by so much ignorance, which could cost his work to one person is perfectly competent. She ends up talking to Morgan and assures him that she will not do and that she has his full support. But unfortunately the rector heard him also talk about the petition and application to Sandrine to find a bogus excuse to return Morgane, in order to get out of this crisis of the fastest and most discreet as possible. Pauline continues to play with the nerves of Flora Despite a discussion in head-to-head, during which Pauline has assured him not to be angry with him, Flora stands on his positions. She is convinced that Pauline stole his ring and he wants to hurt us. But later in the day, returning to the house with Arnaud, she finds the ring in question, that his rival is coming to bring back fresh a short time before, placed on a piece of furniture in the entry. This time, no doubt for her, Pauline plays with his nerves and tries to make her mad. Charges that do not like to Arnaud, who continues to believe in the innocence of his wife. Even Bart seems to be doubting her mother, but Flora did not budge and he certifies that it is not wrong. Pauline is behind it all. And what she ignores is that the ex Arnaud is already preparing the next step of his revenge. Indeed, it has poured the contents of several pills that were not identified in a tube of hand cream for Flora.

The 100 : before season 6, the series already renewed for a final season 7 ?
Denis Ménochet in power, Up to the guard in Thanks to God

Just A few hours to know the name of the winners of the César 2019, meeting with Denis Ménochet, nominated in the category best actor, for “to the hilt” by Xavier Legrand. This drama powerful is the favorite with 10 nominations. Tonight, Denis Ménochet could receive, for the guests time in his career, the César for best actor for his delivery cold in to the hilt, drama by Xavier Legrand, among the favorites with its 10 nominations. Currently the displays of the Grace of God, the new film from François Ozon, Denis Ménochet returns to the microphone with AlloCiné about her last months very strong, marked by these two roles while in power, both with a real scope. For the record, Thanks to Doeu, the output of which could be blocked because of legal developments, is back on the case Preynat. The film follows three characters, three male victims of paedophilia in the Church. Alexander (Melvil Poupaud) lives in Lyon with his wife and children. One day he discovers by chance that the priest who abused him in the boy scouts, served always with children. He launches into a fight, soon joined by François (Denis Ménochet) and Emmanuel (Swann Arnaud), also victims of the priest, to “free their word” on what they have suffered. But the impacts and consequences of these admissions leave no one unscathed. Thanks be to God : how the secrecy around the film by François Ozon has it been preserved ? Thanks be to God : how the secrecy around the film by François Ozon has it been preserved ?

Dave Hill, one of the writers of “Game of Thrones”, has acknowledged that the travel snapshots through Westeros in the seventh season were inconsistent. HBO Although adored by the fans, the seventh season of Game of Thrones has not escaped criticism about its pace accelerated, or inconsistent. While in the past several days – maybe even weeks – were required to travel through the regions of Westeros, the movements of the characters seemed to be instantaneous in this season, especially when it comes to connect the island of Peyredragon where the seat of the khaleesi Daenerys to the lands of the North. Interviewed by the magazine Entertainment Weekly , Dave Hill returned to this inconsistency in the narrative : “With all that we have to manage in order to put in place the season 8, and sometimes we had to speed things up within the episodes. There were a lot of jumps in time that most viewers have not seen.” Not to worry, however, for the next – and final – season, since this problem has since been “corrected” according to Dave Hill, and it will therefore longer have to wait to see the characters across Westeros in a few minutes… unless of course that they do not travel on the back of a dragon ! The episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 will follow as soon as Monday, April 15 live from the US at 3 o’clock in the morning on OCS City, and then replay on the platform OCS Go. Check out the trailer of the ultimate season of Game of Thrones : Game of Thrones – season 8 trailer VO